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Meet the Team

Find out what sets us apart

About Denali Photo Guides

Terry Boyd started running tours out of his Falcon Van in 2010 and since then has grown the business to what it is now; Premier instructional photography excursions along the boundary of Denali National Park.

Our excursions are designed for photographers, by photographers and you’ll feel it immediately. We don’t waste time shuttling you around or filling time with fluff content. From the moment we pick you up, we hit the ground running and are immediately diving into how we can best personalize your experience and support your photography goals. We are passionate about chasing the light and sharing our knowledge. Being out with us is like the movie ‘Twister,’  but for photography (did we just age ourselves? 😉 ) We are a scrappy bunch and absolutely love what we do.

Every guide on our team is an accomplished photographer and top rated photography guide. We will be your location scout, driver and instructor – seeking out the best locations and the most dramatic lighting.

With a maximum of 4 participants per tour, our excursions are designed to benefit all skill levels with any type of camera (smart-phones are welcome). We have plenty of room in the covered bed of the Toyota Tundra, so bring all the gear you want (we provide professional tripods and filters) and enjoy the luxury of being able to capture photos at a pace that is comfortable to you while having a truly immersive experience with one-on-one instruction and support.

Beginners will learn techniques to get more out of their equipment (no matter the make or model – we work with it all!) and how to photograph Alaska’s stunning scenery and wildlife in a way that “does it justice.”

Advanced photographers will enjoy the luxury of being driven to the best locations without having to rent a car or trying to scout the vast and unfamiliar landscape.

Meet the Team

We all have lived in Alaska for many years. Some of us migrate like the birds when it gets too cold, and some of us stay through winter, but all of us call Alaska home. And we’re thrilled to share a little bit of it and a little bit of ourselves with you. Meet the creative individuals behind our Denali photo tours.

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